Tekrun Empire

The Tekrun Empire is a highly technologically advanced civilization that exists in a pocket dimension that they themselves created to hide in. They are long lost cousins of the Tralian race that rules the Warcon Empire. The Tekruns are obsessed with using technology to enhance themselves and their empire and are probably the closest example in Cybertech to a Trans-human society because their bodies are entirely artificially enhanced to the genetic level. Tekruns are all clones that can die and be reincarnated on massive ships known as the “Pillars of the Empire” or the Tekcen Mainframe giant planet sized computer servers that analyze statistical data and tell the Tekruns how to most effectively further their empire (both Tekcen Mainframes were destroyed however setting them free) you could say the Tekruns are literal slaves to their Technology.

The Tekrun Empire is a reluctant ally of the Milky Way Alliance primarily for the purposes of self preservation. Some would describe the Tekruns as unscrupulous and only worry about their own races integrity and only get involved in events when it directly benefits their own survival. This is mostly true…

The Tekruns have the largest fleet in the Milky Way Galaxy by a large margin, and recently have actually surpassed even the Warcon Empire in shear numbers of ships at one point. They now posses the largest fleet in the entire cluster.

Empire Name: The Tekrun Empire

Capital: Vercalis, Artifical Planet

Total Population: 12.5 Trillion

Total Military: 41 Billion Commissioned Personnel

Total Fleet Size (ca 2157): 41,501,625 Combat Vessels (169 Spatial Divisions)

Major Factions: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Factions – All have their own separate governmental structures, all 7 sit at a council and decide on common issues that affect the greater empire